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Update on the Ortega abduction attempt

This is from Gretchen Kornutik:

I just wanted to pass along some news that I heard first through you and then Jan Harbeson about the potential abduction in the forest. I had also heard rumors that there where a couple of other attempts. I called a close friend of mine who is with JSO and he did a little digging to find out what was going on. There was in fact one attempt. It was in front of the park at the corner of Water Oak and Timuquana (turn right going southbound on Roosevelt, park is immediately on right... people are always selling stuff there) Tim said that the girl was on her bike and saw the car and did not follow her gut to leave the car circled back and tried to get her right off the bike. It was an older dark sedan with completely darkened windows and that half tint on the windshield. It had dents and repairs on it. She fought and did successfully get away. Tim said that the buddy system would have worked because she was a target by herself. Parents should always know where they are and drill into play the buddy system! He also said that was the only reported attempt that he could find. I am sorry that this is so long winded but I felt comfort in his words at a time of such unrest.


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